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Issues with Insurance Coverage in Bicycle accidents

Accidents involving bicyclists present interesting questions about insurance coverage. When a bicyclist is involved in a collision with an automobile, it is imperative that all avenues of possible insurance coverage for the bicyclist are considered. First, the liability insurance of… READ MORE

James Lambka / CATEGORIES: Child Safety, Insurance Information, Personal Injury
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The Importance of Understanding the Family Car Doctrine

In this video, James Lambka discusses a Washington legal concept called the family car doctrine. This simple yet important doctrine is one to pay close attention to as it involves taking on more risk than what you may be comfortable with. The family… READ MORE

James Lambka / CATEGORIES: Insurance Information

Single Concussion to Child or Teenager may have Long Standing Impacts on Overall Health Later in Life

A study from Sweden demonstrates that even a single concussion to a child or teenager can have long term adverse health impacts.  The study, published in August in PLOZ Medicine, utilized an extensive database of information on the health of… READ MORE

James Lambka / CATEGORIES: Personal Injury

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