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Report Shows Pedestrian Deaths Increased 11% in 2016

Walking represents man’s oldest form of transportation and is currently one of America’s most popular low to middle-intensity fitness activities. But according to a study performed by the Governor’s Highway Safety Association in 2017, walking in our current metropolitan society… READ MORE

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New Study Supports Chiropractic Adjustments as Beneficial for Lower Back Pain

A study published in April 2017 in the Journal of the American Medical Association provides evidence and support for the use of spinal manipulation as an effective and safe treatment for lower back pain. This manipulation is the type used… READ MORE

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New Sovereign Immunity Bill For The State Bad For Washington Citizens

It is the basic point of this firm’s blog to provide helpful advice to people about their automobile or other insurance claim. We have not dipped into politics and don’t intend to do so. Bills that are being proposed to… READ MORE

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