Forced arbitration clauses

The Dangers of Nursing Home Forced Arbitration Clauses

The current Executive branch has proposed a rule allowing for nursing homes to force incoming patients to agree to private arbitration of any dispute that may arise due to care received at the nursing home.  Failure to agree to this… READ MORE

James Lambka / CATEGORIES: Health Care
Hot car deaths

Record High Numbers of Children Dying in Hot Cars this Summer

After reading this article from CNN, we thought that it would be prudent to continue to spread the word about the dangers of leaving children and pets in cars during hot weather. Please, do not make this mistake. While keeping… READ MORE

James Lambka / CATEGORIES: Accidents, Child Safety, Uncategorized
Distracted Driving: Primary and Secondary Offenses

New Distracted Driving Legislation Restricts More Than Cell Phone Use

The distracted driving law that came into effect on July 23rd 2017 includes a primary offense – using your cell phone in any manner for something that requires anything more than one push or one swipe – and a secondary… READ MORE

James Lambka / CATEGORIES: Car Accidents

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