Criminal Liability for Minors Sending Naked Photographs via Cell Phone

In today’s vlog, we talk about the sending of naked photographs via a cell phone.  While we obviously leave the moral decisions to the user, the information that we think important to understand about this topic is that children are not… READ MORE

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School-Bus-Laws_September-2017_Wiener and Lambka blog

Washington School Bus laws

In 2013, the Seattle School District did a one day count of drivers failing to stop at school buses that were actively loading children and over 300 people violated the law on that single day. It is September and schools… READ MORE

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Liability Waivers in Washington State_Wiener & Lambka

Liability Waivers in Washington State

We have all seen and likely signed liability waivers before participating in a recreational activity.  Skiing, trampolines, zip lines, gym memberships, equipment rental, athletic participation forms, etc. all require liability waivers before you can participate in the activity. These waivers… READ MORE

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