river days

River Days 2018

Wiener & Lambka, PS is proud to announce its continued sponsorship of Renton River Days for 2018. River Days will be held as usual at Liberty Park July 26 – 29.  Wiener and Lambka will be the sponsor of the… READ MORE

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early physio

Early Physical Therapy Proven to be Beneficial for Low Back Pain

A study from the University of Washington and George Washington University was published in May 2018 in the journal Health Services Research regarding the value of physical therapy to patients with low back pain. This study looked at more than… READ MORE

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James Lambka’s Article on BookMotorcycleTours

James wrote an article that got published here: Go read about motorcycle accidents through the lens of the law and let us know about anything we can do to help you here at Wiener and Lambka.

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motorcycle accidents

Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents

In this month’s vlog, James Lambka goes over the best ways to stay safe while on a motorcycle by discussing the ten important points covered in an article by Wes Siler on motorcycle safety. These ten tips not only apply… READ MORE

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