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loss of chance

Loss of Chance

Loss of Chance is a legal theory that can be brought by a patient when their doctor’s negligence didn’t cause their injury directly, but instead, prohibited the patient from the opportunity for a better outcome from the injury or disease. This… READ MORE

Darrell Bolte / CATEGORIES: Medical Malpractice
fall safety 2018

Fall Safety 2018

Usually in October, we post a reminder about Halloween safety and trick or treating. You can find last year’s here. This year, we wanted to look at the hazards of fall weather for adults in general. As the fall weather changes, we… READ MORE

Elina Benin / CATEGORIES: Public Safety

The Importance of Brake Inspection and Maintenance in Commercial Trucks

This September 16th – 22nd is “Brake Safety Week” for commercial trucks. While this probably escaped the awareness of most people, there is a reason why this week is actually important. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), commercial… READ MORE

Elina Benin / CATEGORIES: Public Safety

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