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Back Injuries – Spinal Cord & Skeletal Injuries – Video Explanation

In this month’s vlog, James Lambka introduces the new back and skeletal injury section on the website. James discusses different types of back injuries, such as soft tissue injuries and more serious skeletal injuries, and the relationship between these types of… READ MORE

Elina Benin / CATEGORIES: Health Care, Medical Information
Opioid Prescriptions

Washington State Addresses Opioid Prescriptions

New state rules beginning this month, November 2018, are designed to ameliorate the opioid addiction crisis that has become a serious problem in America. The Washington State Department of Health estimates that greater than 300,000 people in the state are… READ MORE

Leif Hansen / CATEGORIES: Health Care, Medical Information
Drivers Still Ignoring School Bus Laws

Drivers Still Ignoring School Bus Laws

We have blogged about this topic before and it seems we will likely do so again. Despite more enhanced media attention to this important issue, drivers are still violating school bus passing laws with alarming frequency. After a group of children… READ MORE

Pete Balzarini / CATEGORIES: Car Accidents, Child Safety, Public Safety

Traumatic Brain Injuries

To herald in the launch of our new page on traumatic brain injuries, we’d like to discuss these very serious medical issues, and offer some information for our clients and our audience.   WHAT ARE TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURIES AND HOW… READ MORE

James Lambka / CATEGORIES: Brain Injuries, Medical Information

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