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Subrogation and How Your Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Anyone who has ever taken out an insurance policy of any sort, but particularly an auto insurance policy, has likely heard the term subrogation at least once. It occurs frequently if there is any sort of medical care involved in… READ MORE

Darrell Bolte / CATEGORIES: Accidents, Insurance Information, Personal Injury

Car Seat Replacements After an Accident

Do child car seats need to be replaced after a motor vehicle accident? The National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA) recommends that car seats only be replaced following moderate to severe collisions and not following minor impacts.  While this may… READ MORE

Elina Benin / CATEGORIES: Car Accidents, Child Law, Child Safety, Insurance Information

Recent Accidents at I-5 and SR 16

I-5 and SR 16 interchange appears to be a dangerous area for drivers.  KIRO 7 news reports that there was a semi crash in I-5 that resulted in all lanes being blocked in both directions, early in the morning on… READ MORE

Leif Hansen / CATEGORIES: Car Accidents

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