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washington state distracted driving law

Washington State Distracted Driving Legislation July 23rd, 2017

Distracted driving is a phenomenon that has become increasingly prevalent in recent years. This can be attributed mostly to smartphones, which essentially function as mini computers and entertainment consumption devices. Drivers may get distracted while driving because they’re texting, watching… READ MORE

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The Importance of Understanding the Family Car Doctrine

Today’s topic focuses on the issue of the family car doctrine. Many people in Washington may not know a lot, or at all, about the family car doctrine. That’s why we feel it’s imperative to define it for our readers…. READ MORE

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Sexting Laws for Minors – A Discussion

Minors may send nude photographs to someone they know, without giving it much thought. However, they’re not aware that transferring and viewing sexually explicit material of a subject who is minor, can be considered to be child pornography, and there… READ MORE

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WINTER DRIVING IS HERE! The recent changes in weather have necessitated the shut down recently of several mountain passes.   This adjustment in driving is something that most people in Washington are used to, but a reminder about the dangers… READ MORE

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Wiener & Lambka, PS – With the holiday season fast approaching, the days getting shorter, and everyone dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, Wiener & Lambka, PS is taking a moment to provide a blog regarding a charitable organization that… READ MORE

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Washington Legislature Passes New Wrongful Death Law

Under current Washington State law parents can bring wrongful death claims for the wrongful death of their unmarried adult son or daughter only if they are financially dependent on their child. This law prevented most families from being able to… READ MORE

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Automobile Accidents

What is a Minor Automobile Accident and Does It Matter? There are minor accidents and major accidents. Unfortunately, the universal description of the two types of accidents only talk about the damage to the vehicles. What happens to the people… READ MORE

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