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Darrell Bolte

Darrell Bolte is a Legal Assistant at Wiener & Lambka. I work specifically under managing partner James Lambka; however, as part of the team at Wiener & Lambka, I assist the other attorneys and paralegals in our office with the single goal of achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients. I developed an interest in the legal field when I was around 10 years old when I would spend my summers going to work with my mom who has worked in the legal industry for the past 30+ years as a paralegal and an office manager for one of the top defense firms in Seattle. In 2016 I graduated from Hazen High School in Renton, WA with a 3.9 GPA. After graduating high school, I went to work full time in the legal industry working with two defense law firms gaining knowledge and experience of the legal industry and what is involved in defending clients against claims and/or lawsuits. Now that I have started working on the plaintiff side of law, I feel I have found my “calling” and my experience on both the defense side as well as the plaintiff side is beneficial to my attorneys and our clients. Along with working, I enjoy collecting autographs of athletes and/or celebrities as well as being an entrepreneur, exercising, playing sports, and watching sporting events, especially the Florida Gators and Seattle Seahawks.

Washington Amtrak Investigation Focuses On Failure To Use Available Technology

Following the Philadelphia Amtrak derailment, a couple of years ago, the recent Washington State derailment has brought up again the issue of why Amtrak has failed to implement existing technology that could have prevented the crash. The National Transportation Safety… READ MORE

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Wiener & Lambka, PS supports the Rotary Club of Renton with $1,000.00 donation.

For the past several years, Wiener & Lambka, PS has been a proud sponsor of the Golden Raffle at the Rotary Club of Renton’s fundraising auction.  The Golden Raffle allows auction goers to purchase a 1 in 100 chance ticket… READ MORE

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Subrogation and How Your Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Anyone who has ever taken out an insurance policy of any sort, but particularly an auto insurance policy, has likely heard the term subrogation at least once. It occurs frequently if there is any sort of medical care involved in… READ MORE

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Washington State Snow Tires Rules

We’re copying the Washington Department of Transportation’s blog post regarding when to chain up your tires while crossing a mountain pass.  Now that winter is here, the passes will be getting regular snowfall. Washington laws regarding when to use chains on… READ MORE

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loss of chance

Loss of Chance

Loss of Chance is a legal theory that can be brought by a patient when their doctor’s negligence didn’t cause their injury directly, but instead, prohibited the patient from the opportunity for a better outcome from the injury or disease. This… READ MORE

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river days

River Days 2018

Wiener & Lambka, PS is proud to announce its continued sponsorship of Renton River Days for 2018. River Days will be held as usual at Liberty Park July 26 – 29.  Wiener and Lambka will be the sponsor of the… READ MORE

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Good Samaritan Victim of Hit and Run

WOMAN KILLED IN HIT AND RUN ACCIDENT WHILE HELPING STRANDED MOTORIST On Thursday, March 15, 2018, Katie Phillips of Belfair was struck and killed while she was helping another motorist who had car trouble.  It appears that the ferry worker… READ MORE

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