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James Lambka is one of the most experienced personal injury trial lawyers in Seattle, participating in more than one dozen jury and bench trials and hundreds of arbitrations, private trials, and similar proceedings. In 1989, Mr. Lambka graduated from Michigan State University, where he majored in the Justice, Morality, and Constitutional Democracy program. After completing this demanding four-year curriculum, he received a law degree in 1992 from the highly competitive, prestigious law school at Washington and Lee University, which is consistently ranked in the nation’s top 20 law programs.

While in law school, James Lambka became a Francis Lewis Law Fellow, and, in 1992, James Lambka wrote a forward-thinking article entitled “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back – The Mentally Retarded Criminal Defendant and the Death Penalty.” In 2002, the U.S. Supreme Court essentially adopted the position outlined in his article. James has given presentations at Continuing Legal educational seminars for other attorneys and maintains the firm blog.

After moving to Seattle and passing the Washington Bar, James Lambka built a successful and respectable legal career defending the rights of personal injury victims. Mr. Lambka possesses extensive experience with trials and all types of litigation proceedings. He maintains membership in Washington State Association for Justice (formerly the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association) and The Association of Trial Lawyers of America.

James Lambka resides in Seattle and is a committed father to two wonderful children. James enjoys outdoor recreation including backpacking and golf as well as travel, cooking, and most sporting events, especially the Thunderbirds and Sounders.

washington state distracted driving law

Washington State Distracted Driving Legislation July 23rd, 2017

Distracted driving is a phenomenon that has become increasingly prevalent in recent years. This can be attributed mostly to smartphones, which essentially function as mini computers and entertainment consumption devices. Drivers may get distracted while driving because they’re texting, watching… READ MORE

James Lambka / CATEGORIES: Car Accidents
wiener & lambka

The Importance of Understanding the Family Car Doctrine

Today’s topic focuses on the issue of the family car doctrine. Many people in Washington may not know a lot, or at all, about the family car doctrine. That’s why we feel it’s imperative to define it for our readers…. READ MORE

James Lambka / CATEGORIES: Insurance Information

Sexting Laws for Minors – A Discussion

Minors may send nude photographs to someone they know, without giving it much thought. However, they’re not aware that transferring and viewing sexually explicit material of a subject who is minor, can be considered to be child pornography, and there… READ MORE

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Automobile Accidents

What is a Minor Automobile Accident and Does It Matter? There are minor accidents and major accidents. Unfortunately, the universal description of the two types of accidents only talk about the damage to the vehicles. What happens to the people… READ MORE

James Lambka / CATEGORIES: Personal Injury
Forced arbitration clauses

The Dangers of Nursing Home Forced Arbitration Clauses

The current Executive branch has proposed a rule allowing for nursing homes to force incoming patients to agree to private arbitration of any dispute that may arise due to care received at the nursing home.  Failure to agree to this… READ MORE

James Lambka / CATEGORIES: Health Care
Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

It’s almost Halloween time again!  There isn’t a much more fun holiday than Halloween. There is something for everyone, from dressing up, to trick or treating, to being that one house on the block that scares the kids more than… READ MORE

James Lambka / CATEGORIES: Accidents, Child Safety, Personal Injury
Settlement taxation

Taxation of Personal Injury Settlements

In general, there is no taxation on the proceeds of a personal injury settlement, but each settlement could have aspects of it that do count as income. The internal revenue code section 104(a)(2) indicates that damages based on “physical injuries… READ MORE

James Lambka / CATEGORIES: Financial, Insurance Information

The Importance of UIM Coverage in your Automobile Policy

Over the course of 20+ years working in the field of personal injury, I have seen many instances where a serious injury to my client did not result in the compensation that is deserved because my client did not have… READ MORE

James Lambka / CATEGORIES: Insurance Information
Liability Waivers in Washington State_Wiener & Lambka

Liability Waivers in Washington State

We have all seen and likely signed liability waivers before participating in a recreational activity.  Skiing, trampolines, zip lines, gym memberships, equipment rental, athletic participation forms, etc. all require liability waivers before you can participate in the activity. These waivers… READ MORE

James Lambka / CATEGORIES: Accidents, Liability waivers
Hot car deaths

Record High Numbers of Children Dying in Hot Cars this Summer

After reading this article from CNN, we thought that it would be prudent to continue to spread the word about the dangers of leaving children and pets in cars during hot weather. Please, do not make this mistake. While keeping… READ MORE

James Lambka / CATEGORIES: Accidents, Child Safety, Uncategorized

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