Leif Hansen

Leif Hansen

Leif Hansen graduated from Washington State University with a BA in Accounting and English and received his MA in Policy Studies from the University of Washington. Prior to working with Wiener & Lambka, Leif worked as a Financial Manager with PIC Trust Company, and has written articles for Seattle Times affiliate, Social Capital Review.

School Bus Safety

New stop paddle cameras issued in Bellevue School District catch 107 violators in just first month. Announced last September, the BSD was placing cameras near the stop signs that line the sides of school buses. Camera footage is used by… READ MORE

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Potholes Costly For Seattle Drivers, Sparking Damage Claims

Reports are growing about potholes that are creating huge concerns for drivers in King County. Many drivers are experiencing flat tires and physical damage to alignment and rims after running over them. Often times the damages can be costly, ranging… READ MORE

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The Zipper Merge

A bill is being proposed in the Washington Legislature to fund additional education to teach students in driver’s ed how to properly merge into traffic, using “The Zipper Merge” technique.   Road Rage And The Zipper Merge Having spoken before… READ MORE

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Recent Accidents at I-5 and SR 16

I-5 and SR 16 interchange appears to be a dangerous area for drivers.  KIRO 7 news reports that there was a semi crash in I-5 that resulted in all lanes being blocked in both directions, early in the morning on… READ MORE

Leif Hansen / CATEGORIES: Car Accidents

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