Back to School Rules for Traffic Safety

September 25, 2018 • by Leif Hansen

back to school

It is back to school time and we encourage parents to take a couple of minutes to remind their children about the dangers of traffic as they are coming to and from school this year. 

When you talk with your kids about traffic safety, please remember to highlight the following:

  1. Never enter a roadway without stopping at the edge of the street first.
  2. Always take the time to look left, right and in any direction that a car could be traveling, including behind them.
  3. Wait until it is completely clear before crossing.
  4. While crossing, stay alert and keep a lookout.
  5. Walk steadily across the street at a consistent pace.
  6. Never use your phone while crossing a street.
  7. Do not rely on your friends or the group you are with when making sure that the path is safe – ascertain the safety for yourself.
  8. If a vehicle has stopped for you make sure that you make eye contact or do a hand signal such as a thumb’s up so that your child knows that the driver sees them.
  9. Be aware that drivers don’t always follow the rules, including stopping for school buses.
  10. If it is not fully light out, take extra care to make sure the road is safe to cross. Wear clothing that is bright and/or reflective. 

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