Why Consulting With a Personal Injury Attorney Early is so Important

There are many reasons why early contact with a personal injury attorney is a smart move following a motor vehicle accident. First, most personal injury attorneys provide a free consultation. There is nothing to lose. The worst thing that might… READ MORE

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Are serious lung damage due to vaping lawsuits a viable option?

The short answer at this time is most likely, no. In light of the serious lung problems that have come about through the use of vape devices, several states have moved to ban vaping devices or vaping cartridges. A lawsuit… READ MORE

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Each personal injury case is unique. Many involve people who have some type of injury or condition that is exacerbated by the injuries caused due to a negligent actor. When there are underlying injuries, the case usually becomes more complex… READ MORE

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Surprise Medical Billing Legislation Approved

The Washington legislature has approved a bill regulating “surprise medical billing”. Drafted by the Insurance Commissioner of Washington, Michael Kriedler, this bill addresses the practice of health insurers denying payment for bills from providers who are not covered by the… READ MORE

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