The Emergency Doctrine Illustrated

The Emergency Doctrine Illustrated – Recently, Tenino Police Chief, Robert Swain, suffered a medical emergency while driving his police cruiser and caused some property damage. The police department’s statement on the incident is below. Our best wishes for a speedy… READ MORE

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intentional tort explained

Intentional Tort & Unintentional Tort Explained

Differentiating between intentional and unintentional torts is a common question asked by clients, and it may seem on its face to be a simple determination – did the “bad actor” act with intent or was it unintended.  While it may… READ MORE

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Don’t Drown, Turn Around – Tips for dealing with water on the roadways

The King County Flood Warning Center has recently issued alerts for many of our local rivers including Phase 4 (the most severe) flood alert for the Cedar River. As rains continue to pelt the Puget Sound region, the possibility of… READ MORE

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E-Bike & E-Scooter Linked to Higher Incidence of Serious Injuries

Many cities and towns are catching on to a new trend with the provision of bikes and scooters either as a public service or as a business. A new study has found that the electronic bikes and scooters are having… READ MORE

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