Insurance Companies “Preferred” Auto Repair Shops

After a car accident occurs, the first thing people want to do is get their car fixed. Insurance companies will recommend “preferred” auto shops. Typically, these shops have relationships with he insurance companies and may not always have your best… READ MORE

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New Study Finds Mild Head Trauma Often Not Properly Followed Up On

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a study in May 2018 examining the treatment patterns from more than 800 people who suffered a mild head injury. The study can be found here: The study found low rates… READ MORE

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Your List of Fireworks Displays in Washington State for 2018

Happy 4th of July! The following is a list of the fireworks displays in Washington State for 2018. Please double check with the respective City to make sure the time and place are accurate or have not been subject to change. Alger… READ MORE

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Study Finds Many Treatments for Low Back Pain Are Not Effective

I read an interesting article yesterday about how many prescribed treatments for low back pain and ineffective and even detrimental.  The article from NPR, can be found here: The article points out three interesting things: 1) low back pain… READ MORE

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