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COVID PHASE II: Treatment options and what they mean for your case.

October 27, 2020 • by Wiener & Lambka

Treatment options and what they mean for your case.

Now that most counties have entered “Phase Two” of the re-opening of businesses, injured persons will be able to enjoy more treatment options than were open to them over the previous several months. If you have injuries that require medical intervention, and you have not been treating because of the shutdown, now is the time to make contact with a medical professional and explore all of the options that are available. Persons who are at high risk for complications if they were to contract Covid-19 would likely benefit from a telephone or email discussion with their doctor about balancing the need for treatment with the risks involved in their particular set of circumstances.

In fact, anyone who needs treatment should probably make this type of contact with their medical professional. Doing so can also be important for your legal case.

Every injured person has a legal duty to “mitigate their damages.” This means that if hurt, one cannot just allow the damage to continue if there are reasonable steps that can be taken to lessen the harm. The Covid-19 situation has made this issue extraordinarily complicated and, unfortunately, might open up arguments as to what decision is “reasonable” under the totality of the circumstances, which are unique to each person.

The best advice we can give is therefore general, and that is to contact your doctor to make certain that you are obtaining expert advice so that you can both heal and heal safely in this complicated situation.

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