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New Washington Paid Family Leave Act is in Effect

September 22, 2020 • by Wiener & Lambka

New Washington Paid Family Leave Act is in Effect1 - W&L

New Washington Paid Family Leave Act is in Effect –

Washington has a new family leave act that provides benefits to persons who have to take time off from their jobs due to a serious health condition, a new child, or to help with a family member’s military deployment or return.  

This program helps support families who are undergoing changes that affect their ability to work full time in order to help get them through a short term situation such as having a new baby.  

Most Washington employees are eligible for this benefit.  Employees of the Federal government and some tribal employees are not eligible.  Other eligibility requirements are that the person requesting benefits have worked for at least 860 hours the previous year and that a doctor verifies that a serious health condition or a new baby is the reason for the need for time off of work.  After this, the claimant must work with their employer to provide notice of their need to be off of work and provide the State and their employer with the appropriate forms.  

More information including the needed forms can be found at

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