Sorting Through the Facts and Fiction of the McDonald’s Coffee Case

May 8, 2017 • by James Lambka

wiener & lambka

Long before the catchphrase “fake news” became part of our everyday lives, there was still fake news. It just wasn’t done via the internet. News stories and “press releases” were utilized to distort the facts of matters so that the readers would be more inclined to view the case as favorable to the monied interests behind the twisting of the information.

There is an excellent feature length documentary on the subject of the McDonald’s coffee case “Hot Coffee.” The other day I came across a short five minute review of this case by the television show “Adam Ruins Everything”. I’ve enjoyed this show in the past and this episode is no exception. Please take five minutes and learn the true story behind this case and a little about how it has been distorted to fit a propagandized message that people in America are filing frivolous lawsuits relating to personal injuries.


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