Speed Limit Lowered to 50 mph Within Problem Stretch of I-5 in Tacoma

May 23, 2019 • by Elina Benin

Speed limit lowered to 50 mph along accident-prone stretch of I-5 in Tacoma, WA

In an update to our prior post about Semi Truck Accidents and specifically on Interstate 5 in Tacoma, we write to update that the state has lowered the speed limit through a stretch of the interstate to 50 mph.  This is an eight mile stretch in Tacoma between mileposts 130 and 136 enforced in both directions.

Two state construction projects are currently going on in the area, the I-5/SR 16 realignment and Portland Avenue to Port of Tacoma Road HOV project. At least a portion of the freeway through the construction areas have been narrowed.

When the realignment project is complete, the state will consider adjusting the speed limit to just the area of the HOV project. Once all construction is complete, the state will likely raise the speed limit back to 60 mph.

Since September, eight crashes involving semi-trucks have occurred. The latest occurred on March 26.

The King5 News article reporting this can be found here.

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