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June 25, 2021 • by Wiener & Lambka


Bicycle and vehicle collisions make up a large portion of bicycle accidents.  Bike and car-related accidents often result in serious or even catastrophic injuries – especially if the bicyclist wasn’t wearing a helmet. Bicyclists can incur fractured bones, road rashes, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and more.

The second most common cause of bike accidents is when people fall from their bikes. Oftentimes, bicyclists fall from their bikes due to uneven roads, avoiding an object, or being hit by an oncoming vehicle. Major fall accidents can also result in serious injury.  A legal standpoint in these types of accidents is whether or not someone caused the situation to occur through negligent acts or omissions.  

The third important type of bicycle accident is one involving the conditions of the roadway.  Potholes, poorly marked lanes, construction zones, and railways embedded into streets are other common causes of bicycle accidents. The local government is required to maintain proper roads—especially bike lanes. When the local government fails to do so and results in a bicycle accident, they can be held liable for their negligent behavior.  

In other circumstances, bicycle accidents occur due to user error. If a bike rider isn’t keeping their focus on the road, it can cause them to collide with a fixed object.   Unless that fixed object is hard to see and unexpected, then it isn’t likely that liability would apply. 

Last, bicyclists have accidents caused by pedestrians.   Pedestrians only looking out for automobiles or distracted by their phones or dogs can easily cause a rider to become injured as the bicyclist might have to take immediate evasive action and/or have an impact with the pedestrian not paying proper attention when crossing a street.  

In almost every bicycle injury case the argument of comparative fault on behalf of the rider is raised.  These cases require immediate legal analysis and investigation to be handled properly.  Please don’t wait to consult an attorney if you have had a bicycle injury case.  Our consultations at Wiener and Lambka are always free of charge and without obligation to retain us.  


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