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The Three Most Important Ways A Personal Injury Lawyer Helps Clients

January 28, 2021 • by Wiener & Lambka

Wiener & Lambka present: The Three Most Important Ways A Personal Injury Lawyer Helps Clients –


  1.  Allows the injured person to focus on what is most important, their health.  Being involved in an automobile accident can be a life-altering event.  One day you are healthy and happy and the next day you are in constant pain and now have a to-do list that is a mile long.  No attorney can take over everything for you, but a good personal injury lawyer will help you handle the different steps that you must walk through in order to get your life back together.  Helping with making sure that your vehicle is fixed or that appropriate compensation is received for a totaled automobile, helping with the paperwork required by insurance companies so you can obtain medical care, helping with knowing how the legal system works so that you don’t make a mistake that affects your ability to receive full and fair compensation.  By dealing with the insurance companies or helping you to do so, one major stressor and time commitment has been taken care of so that you can focus on yourself and your health. 


  1. Your attorney will maximize your settlement.  Insurance laws are difficult to navigate and require the application of the unique facts of your case to different State and Federal laws governing how insurance companies work.  In order to make certain not only that you are receiving fair and full compensation from the insurance company of the other driver, but also that your own insurance companies are handled properly when they ask for the money that they have paid out for our medical care to be paid back to them from your settlement, an experienced personal injury attorney can make sure that everything is handled properly and with your best interests in mind.  In fact, the repayment process when handled by an attorney can result in your insurance company paying a portion of the attorney’s fee for you under the right circumstances.  Studies show that attorneys enhance their client’s personal injury awards by at least the amount that they end up getting paid out of the settlement.  


  1. Negotiations.  While it is nice to think that a reasonable person making a reasonable request to an insurance company would be sufficient to be treated fairly, that simply isn’t the norm.  Insurance companies train their adjusters and their attorneys on how to negotiate.  They do not do so based upon the idea of treating the injured person fairly.  Their analysis is always an evaluation that determines what they are willing to part with agreeably in order to eliminate the possibility of getting hit for more in a trial.  Your claim is merely a file among many others and the only person who is interested in making sure that you get everything you are entitled to is your attorney.  Insurance companies spend enormous amounts of money to protect their interests through adjusters and attorneys and expert reviewers.  Having a good attorney on your side is only a start to try and level the playing field. 


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