Children’s Injury Attorney Discusses New Standards for Video Backup Cameras

August 23, 2018 • by Pete Balzarini

backup cameras

Consumer Reports, the ubiquitous publication and consumer group, reported in August 2018 that it was successful in helping to advocate for a law passed in 2008 directing the Department of Transportation to require rear-visibility technology in new vehicles. Consumer Reports had done extensive testing that revealed that many automobiles had massive “blind zones” where the driver could not see behind the vehicle. These blind zones are greatly reduced by backup cameras.

After years of regulators missing their deadline to implement this chance, consumer reports, along with other consumer groups and families of children that were killed in back-over incidents sued the DOT. In 2014, the DOT issued a rule requiring automakers to install the technology. As a result, starting in May 2018, all new cars built for sale in the US will have back up cameras a standard safety feature. 

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