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Wiener & Lambka, PS Supports King County Sexual Assault Resources Center

June 5, 2019 • by Wiener & Lambka

This past April, Wiener & Lambka, PS, was offered the opportunity to help provide funding for the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center to put on a “POWER UP!” information and training seminar for local community activists.

King County Sexual Assault Resource Center’s (KCSARC’s) purpose is to alleviate, as much as possible, the trauma of sexual assault for victims and their families.  Their mission is to give voice to victims, their families, and the community; create change in beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors about violence; and instill courage for people to speak out about sexual assault.

KCSARC provides crucial support and counseling for any and all victims of sexual assault regardless of age, gender or background. KCSARC strives to use their expertise to help our clients not just to survive, but to heal. As an interdisciplinary organization, KCSARC works collaboratively across advocacy, treatment, policy development, and prevention disciplines. They bring specialized skills and insights from each area to provide the comprehensive resources victims require for recovery and success in the transition from victim to survivor.

Through best practice-based training and education, KCSARC is helping to change beliefs, attitudes and behaviors about sexual violence—ultimately stopping violence before it occurs.

Among the services offered, clients will find the following resources:

  • Crisis Response
  • Advocacy
  • Legal Advocacy
  • Therapy
  • Family Services

and more.

Wiener & Lambka, PS is proud to provide support to this fine organization and their mission.

If you or someone you know were ever in a situation where you’ve suffered sexual abuse, an action of intentional wrong punishable by law, you can be sure that you have a case you can fight.

Call a personal injury attorney today and schedule a free consultation. Your Constitutional rights are not flexible – they are permanent and a part of what makes USA legislature at the forefront of human rights law, globally.

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