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Motorcycle Injury Attorney Seattle WA – Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Motorcycle Accidents
  3. Motorcycle Accident Statistics
  4. What can our motorcycle accident attorneys do for you?

Motorcycle driving in SeattleMotorcycle Accident Injuries in Seattle & Washington State

Motorcycles give riders a sense of freedom, and a release from the confines of cars and the norms of society. Motorcycles, however, can be a dangerous form of transportation. Every year, thousands of motorcyclists are injured when drivers of other motor vehicles drive recklessly. While approximately 25 percent of motorcycle accidents are a result of the bike crashing into a stationary object or the rider losing control, more than 75 percent of the accidents are caused by another vehicle colliding with the bike. Because motorcycles offer riders little protection, they often suffer severe injuries.

How can a Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney Help You?

The motorcycle accident injury attorneys at Wiener and Lambka have worked on hundreds of cases, and have consistent rack record of getting their clients the compensation they deserve. We will expertly navigate your case, from the free initial consultation, through the pre-trial process, and through the settlement process or trial itself. We are unique among motorcycle accident attorneys in Seattle. We won’t push you to settle early, and we have extensive trial experience. We are extremely comfortable taking your case to trial and a have a successful track record of winning cases at trial.

Our injury attorneys are experts in injury law, and we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a host of resources and benefits they won’t get from other injury attorneys. So, if you’ve been injured in a motorcycle crash, we pledge to fight for you. We will strive to ensure the other driver is determined at fault in your case. Plus, we serve clients all throughout Washington state, and we will come to you to ensure your experience is convenient and stress-free.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists endure a higher risk than the operators of other motor vehicles. A motorcycle’s small size makes it more difficult to see, especially to the drivers of larger vehicles. If you’ve been seriously injured as the result of a motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to claim compensation for your injuries.

Unfortunately in many cases, the motorcyclist is killed as a result of the accident. In this regrettable scenario, a family member may file a wrongful death lawsuit, depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident. If you are the family member of someone who was killed as the result of a motorcycle accident, you should seek legal assistance as soon as possible. Contact our office in Seattle, Washington to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys.


Motorcycle Accident Statistics

[All statistics taken from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s 2004 Traffic Safety Facts sheet.]
  • 4,008 motorcyclists were killed and an additional 76,000 were injured in traffic crashes in 2004.
  • Motorcyclists were roughly 32 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a motor vehicle accident (see our wrongful death page) and six times more likely to be injured (check out our personal injury page).
  • An estimated 128,000 motorcyclists have died in motor vehicle accidents since the enactment of the Highway Safety and National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act in 1966.

What can our motorcycle accident attorneys do for you?

Our Seattle-based motorcycle accident attorneys realize the period immediately following an accident is a difficult time for the victims and their loved ones. We have represented many Seattle and Washington motorcycle accident victims over the years. Our attorneys maintain an impressive record of obtaining just settlements and helping victims get back on their feet. Dedicated to impassioned, proficient legal representation, we promise to aggressively represent your interests.

If you’ve sustained a serious injury in Seattle or anywhere in Washington as a result of a motorcycle accident, contact our qualified attorneys immediately. Our motorcycle accident lawyers have earned an excellent reputation throughout Washington for obtaining impressive financial recoveries for our clients’ injuries. To schedule a case review, contact Wiener & Lambka, Attorneys at Law today.

motorcycle accidentsYour Motorcycle Crash May Warrant Compensation

If you’ve been in a motorcycle crash, it’s critical for you to seek professional help as soon as possible. We have worked with many victims of motorcycle accidents just like you, and we have experience to ensure you are justly compensated.

Washington Motorcycle Law is Complex

The laws for motorcycle crashes in Washington state are complex and sometimes vague. Fortunately, we have navigated these murky waters many times. We are experts in motorcycle law and have full knowledge of case law that can help in your case. Don’t go to war with drivers and insurance companies alone. We will stand by your side and ensure you receive a beneficial outcome.


seattle motorcycle accident lawyers wiener and lambka

Seattle Motorcycle Accident Lawyers – Wiener & Lambka

For additional information, check out our pages devoted to auto accident and trucking accident pages, or contact our Seattle, Washington motorcycle accident attorneys and arrange a case evaluation.

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