Nursing Home Abuse Legal Representation for Redmond Residents

Have you been looking for a reputable law firm to represent you or a loved one as a nursing home abuse attorney in the area of Redmond, WA? Wiener & Lambka offers their top-class and impeccable nursing home abuse attorney services at the best price possible.

Instances in which nursing homes do not take proper care of the elderly in the Redmond area have been on the rise, and are definitely a cause of concern. The elderly need all the love and support they can get in old age and it is very important that the staff of such homes successfully provide that.

Certain laws have been made in Washington State that provide protection to the elderly from abuse of the staff of a nursing home. You can take a nursing home in the Redmond area to court if they:

  • Do not supervise properly
  • Fail to treat
  • You notice your loved one is malnourished

Why a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney is the Right Choice in Redmond

You must hire a professional law firm like ours as soon as possible so that we can provide you with a top-notch nursing home abuse attorney in the Redmond area. Our attorneys will get you justice for the mistreatment your parent or family member has endured in a home you trusted. Getting good care is the right of every elderly citizen, and if they do not get it, we will make sure they are properly compensated!

Trust our firm to provide you with strong and experienced legal representation so that the accused will pay for their deeds. Our experts in the Redmond area will make sure that you are properly compensated for the harassment your loved ones had to go through.

We even take care of other cases in Redmond, like:

  • General negligence
  • Children injuries
  • Motorcycle injuries

You May Have a Legal Cause of Action for Nursing Home Abuse

Since 2002, we have provided our top-class nursing home abuse attorney services to the residents in the Redmond area. The fact that our firm has helped over 3,500 people in Washington says a lot about the caliber of our team.

If you are in the Redmond area and seeking legal representation, choose us. Residents frequently hire us because:

  • We can get you six or seven figure awards
  • 85% of our cases are resolved without lawsuit
  • We have thousands of satisfied customers

Our firm provides its services 24 hours a day and providers free consultation to Redmond clients. Moreover, we have experienced attorneys that handle cases instead of paralegals.

Call 800-680-8112 to talk to our nursing home abuse attorneys serving Redmond. Weiner & Lambka offer exceptional services.

Redmond WA Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse Redmond WA

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