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At the Law Offices of Wiener & Lambka, we understand the level of difficulty, inconvenience, and pain that injured persons are going through. Our mission is always to advocate for the rights of our clients to ensure that they are provided the compensation for their injuries that they are entitled to.

We are dedicated to compassionate client service but also to aggressive legal representation. Our personalized attention and close communication with our clients through each step of their case ensures that you can focus on healing instead of worrying about the progression or status of your claim.

An Experienced Legal Team

 The lawyers that make up the Wiener & Lambka law firm are a team of trial attorneys that boast over 70 collective years of experience in civil and criminal court in the 18 years we have been in operation. We know Washington laws inside and out. And have the resources and connections to experts that our clients need. Our Washington-based team is available 24 hours a day to serve our clients’ needs.

Proven Results in Washington State

Since establishing our law firm in 2002, we have won legal victories for thousands of satisfied clients and collected over 65 million dollars in compensation and damages. We are frequently able to reach a resolution without the need for a lawsuit or subsequent trial. Wiener & Lambka boasts numerous six and seven-figure awards and settlements across Washington state and have had excellent levels of success in Tacoma, Washington and throughout Pierce County. 

We Handle All Personal Injury Cases In Tacoma

Personal injury cases can encompass a variety of situations and circumstances. Wiener & Lambka takes on most types of Washington state personal injury cases. Contact us if you have been the victim of injuries related to:

  1. Auto Accidents
  2. Wrongful Death
  3. Workplace Injuries involving the fault of a third party
  4. Product Liability
  5. Slip And Fall Accidents
  6. Dog Bites & Other Animal Injuries

Auto Accidents

Each year nearly 2.5 million people are seriously injured or permanently disabled in automobile accidents each year. Over 40,000 auto accidents each year end in one or more fatalities. The severity of car accidents can vary greatly, from a minor inconvenience to a traumatic, life-changing experience. Drunk driving, speeding, and distracted driving account for a major percentage of all serious auto collisions and crashes. If you have been the victim of someone else’s poor or irresponsible driving, let the law offices of Wiener & Lambka fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death cases arise when it is alleged or can be proven that death would not have occurred had it not been for the misconduct of another party. A wrongful death case can devastate families on several levels; mentally, emotionally,  and, financially or economically. If you believe the death of a loved one has been caused by the negligence or other misbehavior of someone else, call Wiener & Lambka. We will assist you in the legal challenges of successfully seeking damages and compensation.

Workplace Injuries

All Washington state workers are entitled to workers’ compensation in the event they are injured on the job. Wiener & Lambka are experts in handling third party cases associated with these on the job claims.  If you were injured on the job, but the fault lies without someone who is neither your co-worker nor your employer, then you might have an additional legal claim that allows you to obtain greater compensation that is allowed in a worker’s compensation case.   

Product Liability

Defective and dangerous products are responsible for thousands of injuries each year. Product liability refers to the legal accountability of manufacturers and distributors for placing potentially harmful products into the hands of consumers. There is currently no federal product liability law on the books. If, however, you feel you have been the victim of personal injury due to the use of a dangerous or defective product, Wiener & Lambka law firm can pursue civil compensation based on the legal theories of negligence, strict liability, and/or breach of warranty. Call us today if a case like this happened to you.

Slip And Fall Accidents

Accidents on someone else’s property is a fairly common occurrence. In such situations, injuries frequently happen and if the property owner’s negligence or carelessness is to blame then lawsuit damages, in addition to an insurance claim may be possible. A successful case hinges on two questions:

  • Who are the potentially liable parties?
  • Were those parties actually negligent? This is defined as ‘did they cause or fail to prevent the circumstances that lead to the slip and fall injury?’


This type of personal injury case can be more challenging than most, and we suggest taking advantage of Wiener & Lambka’s experience as a former insurance company attorney for the most thorough execution of a slip and fall personal injury claim and lawsuit. 

Dog Bites and Other Pet Injuries in Tacoma

The law requires dog owners and other pet owners to maintain control of their animals at all times. Should those animals damage property or injure others, the owner can be held legally responsible for any harm incurred.  

If you have suffered any of the abovementioned personal injuries in Tacoma, WA – contact the law offices of Wiener & Lambka today for an initial consultation. We will fight for your rights and work hard to win the maximum award and damages for your pain and suffering. Call Wiener & Lambka today!

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“Wiener & Lambka took care of the leg work for me and even managed to get a larger settlement than expected.” - J. Hanson
“Everything was great. It was the best legal experience I have ever had!” - T. Hoskins
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