Washington Legislature Passes New Wrongful Death Law

Under current Washington State law parents can bring wrongful death claims for the wrongful death of their unmarried adult son or daughter only if they are financially dependent on their child. This law prevented most families from being able to… READ MORE

Wiener & Lambka / November 9, 2020 / CATEGORIES: Communities, Education, Local News, Washington Government, Washington Law, Wrongful Death

Automobile Accidents

What is a Minor Automobile Accident and Does It Matter? There are minor accidents and major accidents. Unfortunately, the universal description of the two types of accidents only talk about the damage to the vehicles. What happens to the people… READ MORE

James Lambka / November 3, 2020 / CATEGORIES: Personal Injury

GAP Insurance

What is GAP Insurance? – GAP Insurance stands for “Guaranteed Asset Protection.” The purpose of GAP insurance is to make up for any shortcoming in regular automobile insurance.    Shortcomings occur because there is often a difference between the amount… READ MORE

Wiener & Lambka / October 30, 2020 / CATEGORIES: Car Accidents, Insurance Information


WASHINGTON’S NEW BIKE LAW – Starting October 1, 2020, a new bike law goes into effect in Washington. The new law, entitled the “safety Stop” law, allows for bicyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs, with some exceptions and… READ MORE

Wiener & Lambka / October 30, 2020 / CATEGORIES: Washington Law

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