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Renton Police Department posts On Proper Turning

October 24, 2020 • by Wiener & Lambka

As part of our blog this month we are sharing this informational post by the Renton Police Department on a mistake that drivers are making too commonly. We hope that this effort will help driver safety by further spreading the word.

Renton Police Department, WA
July 17 at 3:25 PM ·

Good Afternoon!

Over the past several weeks we have had a few inquiries regarding 2 major intersections that basically have the same violation issues. So we thought we would take this opportunity to educate everyone on the rules regarding this type of RIGHT TURN.

For those of you who wait patiently and follow the rules, we SINCERELY thank you, because we know how frustrating it is when you wait your turn and your turn becomes a much longer wait.

The first intersection is at SW Grady Way and Lind Ave SW.

The second is at N Southport Dr and the NB on-ramp to I-405.

Here are the two RCW violations involved.

This violation involves an IMPROPER TURN. Focus on 46.61.290 (1).

This violation involves FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH A TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICE. In this instance take a look at the signage as you come up Southport Dr under I-405 as well as the STRAIGHT ONLY arrow next to the traffic light.

Thanks, everyone and we hope this is “red and green” clear now. For those of you who wrote in our Traffic Division was very happy we are sharing this and…and will continue to focus their efforts at these locations. #Rentonpd#rulesoftheroad #rightturnviolations #thanksforasking.

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