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The Brain Injury Alliance of Washington

March 25, 2021 • by Wiener & Lambka

The Brain Injury Alliance of Washington-

Wiener and Lambka, PS is a proud contributor to the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington.  This fine organization provides support to those who have suffered a brain injury.  March is Brain Injury Awareness Month.   If you know someone who is dealing with a brain injury or post-concussive syndrome, please refer them to the BIAWA as a resource for help and support. 

As an example of their work, and for contact information, please see their post below.


Celebrating Stories of Hope and Resilience


This March, in recognition of Brain Injury Awareness Month, the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington (BIAWA) joins a nationwide network of state brain injury organizations within the United States Brain Injury Alliance to spread the word and raise awareness about brain injury prevention, recognition and response.


Each week we will share stories of hope and resilience from the brain injury community.

Ramona’s Story

Ramona experienced her TBI as a results of a car accident. She was getting nowhere with the insurance company she was dealing with. Ramona knew the value of her car that had been totaled in the accident that was not her fault. She would not settle for what the insurance company had offered her.


BIAWA Resource Manager Carla-Jo referred Ramona to a lawyer who gave her advice on how to deal with the insurance company. The lawyer also let her know what her rights were. She was finally able to settle with the insurance company in her favor.


Ramona also needed help with repairs to her home. Carla-Jo referred her to Evergreen Habitat for Humanity. Ramona has completed the application for services and is waiting to schedule an appointment to discuss what needs to be done.

BIAWA is Here to Help

BIAWA staff are available to assist callers as they navigate the challenges that arise as a result of Brain Injury. Call the Brain Injury Resource Line at 1-877-982-4292.

Help Us Help Others.

Support BIAWA services and individuals with Brain Injury by becoming a Brain Champion!

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